How we work - Our focus lies on the individual

We observe the ethical conduct demanded of our profession and maintain the strictest rules of confidentiality, privacy and security. No information will be revealed to potential employers without your consent. Your application will be treated professionally and your career goals will be handled personally by our consultants.

We prefer to work on an exclusive basis. Meaning no further consultant or agency is involved in the project.

How we work - Our focus lies on the individualThe advantages for all concerned are obvious:

  • An exclusive approach will ensure that all targets are taken into account and be judged by the same standards. This includes working together closely with the client to evaluate and possibly integrate direct applications in the project.
  • The project suffers a loss of quality if individuals and companies are simultaneously contacted, furthermore both the client and the consultant suffer a loss of image.

We do not assign outside search mandates (external research). This is to ensure an absolutely discreet and tightly focussed handling of the project.

Our philosophy:

There are certain values which endure without gift wrapping. One of these ist the trust invested in reliable associates. To gain and preserve this trust will remain our goal in the future.